- Let´s talk Breeding - Infos about puppies, genetics, training...
- Worldwide Boxer - Informations about US, UK and European Boxer

- Genetics can be Fun - Dr. Bruce Cattanach
- Boxer colours - Using Aine´s Photos on SABOX website
- White Markings - Cecilie Strømstad and Henning Lund.

- Boxer Standard - of The Kennel Union of Southern Africa + various diagrams!!
- Boxer Anatomy Diagrams - Useful anatomy diagrams on SABOX website
- Hyper Extension of the Hock Joint Explained (.pdf)
- Understanding the Boxer Bite (.pdf)
- Correct Boxer Movement (.pdf)
- Sickle Hocks Explained (.pdf)

Interviews, which Aine (Boxers of Kellaney) made with Monique Hodgkinson (Tanyati Boxers - South Africa) in 2009.
- Differences between USA, Euro and UK
- Heads
- Looking for a brood bitch
- Choosing a puppy